Alexa Skills - A Little Easier

Describing a new project I've worked on to make Alexa Skills in .NET a little easier to write

Always moving forward (with version numbers)

Brief post on how versioning properly can feel wrong

Side projects are...different

Small brain dump on why my blog and open source projects aren't side projects

Enforcing rules in my open source project

Using Roslyn Code Analyzers to keep me honest while I rework one of my open source libraries

Running a Socket Mode Slack App via an ASP.Net Core website

Stepping away from the raw Socket Mode implementation, I show the steps you can take to implement Slack's new Socket Mode in an ASP.Net Core website

Someone must have had this idea already

Talking about the voice in my head that starts whispering once I've had an idea

Slack Socket Mode Support for .NET

Describing how Slack Socket Mode is now supported in .NET by the Slack.NetStandard NuGet package

Zero to Slack with an Azure Function

Building Slack app with an Azure Function and help from my new Slack.NetStandard NuGet packages

JSON Libraries Addendum - Analyzer and fix

Adding a Roslyn Analyzer to help confirm a project coding pattern

JSON Libraries and Source Code Generators

Trying to find out if building a source code generator for C# code can help me with my JSON library issue.

Alexa Skill Revamp - Person Profile

Fourth post revamping my Battle Cry skill. This one is about checking who you're talking to and manipulating responses before they go out.

Alexa Skill Revamp - The Intents

Third post revamping my Battle Cry skill. Time to update the skill intents to try and delete more code.

Alexa Skill Revamp - The Code (the humanity!)

Second post about revamping my Battle Cry skill. Got to start by sorting out what's already there.

Congelato - Post Series

A couple of snippets that can make generating post series easier for you.

Alexa Skill Revamp - Battle Cry

First in a series of posts revamping my second ever skill, Battle Cry

Twitch as user research

My experience of watching a live stream where someone used my code